Whether you want a flat-top or just a trim, Garritano's Magic City Barber Shop has been here and will be here to serve all your haircutting needs. The barber shop began operation in the 1950's when original owner Al Garritano went into business. A little over a decade later, Al's brother, Mike, started working and eventually took control of the business. Keeping the family business alive, Mike and his son Bob now run the Shop to serve the communities ever growing hair.

   "Part of our success comes from getting to know our customer. You forge a personal relationship with them and they come back," says Bob.

   "I've been doing this for so long," Mike added. "Coming to work, for me, is like coming to a social club." Mike and Bob have seen generations upon generations of customers come in to get a trim. They first come in as a grandson. Soon they're a young man. Before you know it they're bringing their kids in to get their hair cut and eventually, their kids bring their kids.

  "Over the years, coming to the barbershop with your father or grandfather has become somewhat of a 'right of passage' into man-hood".

  Being a strong facet in a community like Barberton's is a hard thing to do, but Mike and Bob take pleasure in their job and plan to be around for years to come.

   "From the crew cuts of the fifties to the shaggy hair of the sixties or present day cuts, we're always going to be here with the latest styles to serve our community," Bob proudly stated.